Plastic Oceans Australasia

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At supa gifts we believe our attitude towards plastic in everyday life needs to change. We are on a mission to provide solutions in the gift giving space to show that you can give useful, high quality gifts without the excess plastic packaging. After attending a screening of 'A Plastic Ocean' deciding which organisation we wanted to align with and support, Plastic Oceans Australasia, was a no brainer.

Plastic Oceans Australiasia is based in Melbourne and has joined forces with the Plastic Oceans global network of independent non-for-profits and charitable organisations, united in their aims to change the world's perception of plastic within a generation!

Plastic Oceans Australasia aims to work throughout Australasia to change the way we deal with plastic waste by challenging society’s perception that this indestructible substance can be treated as ‘disposable’.

Plastic pollution is a global issue that impacts our ocean, our health and our wellbeing. Through education, business and science, Plastic Oceans Australasia is working to stem the tide of plastic entering the ocean, before it is too late.

For more information, please visit the Plastic Oceans Australasia website.

To watch the official trailer of the award winning film A PLASTIC OCEAN click here.